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Winner of Artisan Book Excellence Award

'Readers who enjoy Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, dark romance, and harrowing action-packed adventure, The Reign of the Occult, is for you. Author, Lauren Louise Hazel has created three separate worlds rife with such detailed imagery and nuanced characters that readers will feel as if they are in that world also.

Prue and her brother Everett are stuck square in the middle of a battle between three worlds. The Overworld, home to shaman and their keepers, is a home to goodness and truth. The Underworld, much like hell, is rife with demons and dark forces. Caught in between, is the human world which is currently being overrun by the Occult. In the mortal world, some characters are just human, and some are a mixture of human and magic—referred to as Users. These characters, like Prue, possess special powers such a foresight or telekinesis. The Occult is hell-bent on destroying magical Users and eliminating any sources of magic in the human world. As Prue and Everett dive deeply into what it means to be loyal, to be strong, and to be compassionate, they repeatedly fight for their lives and for humanity.

The Reign of the Occult by Lauren Louise Hazel feels familiar at the outset of reading, but Lauren soon shifts that familiarity by rocketing readers into unfamiliar worlds packed with imagery and scintillating characters. Her characters are tough to discern; one doesn’t always know who the good guy is, or the bad one. This high urban fantasy will take you on a fantastic journey, will leave you panting as if you’ve fought battles for the characters, and will send your emotions spinning as each character plays out their given story arc. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends The Reign of the Occult by Lauren Louise Hazel.'

Artisan Book Reviews Awards First Place to The Reign of the Occult by Lauren Louise Hazel for best High Fantasy & Dark Romance

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