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The Reign of the Occult - Editorial Reviews

Since the release of The Reign of the Occult, I’ve gotten some great editorial reviews so far, which has been exciting. They include:

'The Reign of the Occult is a shuddering, thrilling, urban fantasy for Young Adults. Filled with hair raising chases through shadowy streets, frightening fights and mind-blowing magic, it's sure to keep many a different genre loving reader happy.' – SA Discovery

'A breakout start to a riveting new series. Weaving in lessons about humanity’s perennial weaknesses, Hazel layers in powerful societal statements that will feel timely for YA readers. The world-building and magical exposition is done very well, and the dialogue moves the story along at an engaging clip. Whether fleeing Demons after a cage match in hell or avoiding deadly betrayals from within their merry band, this tenacious crew of heroes are entertaining from the start, in this dark and creative new work of YA fantasy.' – Self Publishing Review

Thanks to everyone for their feedback!

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