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Readers House Magazine - Interview with Lauren Louise Hazel

In the enchanting realm where cybersecurity meets the mystical realms of young adult fantasy, we discover the multifaceted Lauren Louise Hazel. By day, she manoeuvres the intricate landscapes of cybersecurity, but when the sun sets, she wields her pen to craft compelling tales that transport readers into captivating worlds.

From the onset, it’s clear that Lauren’s literary passions were nurtured by a childhood surrounded by books. Her father, a benevolent enabler of her love for literature, ensured a steady supply of books even without demanding pocket money, nurturing a fervor for storytelling that echoes through her work today.

The influences shaping Lauren’s penmanship are as diverse as her interests. Classics like Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games reside comfortably alongside the works of Haruki Murakami and GRR Martin in her hall of inspiration. This fusion of timeless epics and modern sagas forms the cornerstone of her imaginative prowess. In a candid revelation, Lauren shares her dream guest list for a literary gathering, envisioning a soirée ignited by the wit of Stephen Fry and the secrets whispered by GRR Martin about the true end of The Song of Ice and Fire. A blend of charm and intrigue, surely.

Her literary tastes traverse the spectrum, from the intensity of classics like Wuthering Heights to the lighter romcom realms of Sophia Kinsella. Yet, Lauren’s creative ventures gravitate towards the young adult fantasy domain, a realm she frequented since her dad stood in line for a first edition of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.

Amidst musings on her writing routine, favourite characters (Princess Leia holds a special place in her heart), and guilty pleasures (chocolate being the indispensable writing companion), Lauren opens a gateway into her latest literary offerings. ‘The Reign of the Occult’, her inaugural foray into the mystical realms, presents a riveting urban fantasy that earned acclaim for its dark allure and captivating characters. The recent release of The Burning Bandit further showcases her storytelling prowess, a testament to her eclectic inspirations and studies of Asian culture.

With the sequel The Queen of the Underworld looming on the horizon, Lauren Louise Hazel invites readers on a journey where danger and intrigue intertwine, promising another immersive venture into her vivid imagination.

As we delve into ab excerpt from The Reign ıf the Occult, the intensity and suspense unfair a taste of Lauren’s gripping narrative, drawing readers into a world teetering on the brick of chaos. Join us as we explore the depths of Lauren Louise Hazel’s literary universe, a realm where cybersecurity meets enchantment, where heroes battle demons, and where her tales come alive, beckoning readers to lose themselves in the magic of her storytelling.

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This interview was so much fun, I hope you like it!

Lauren Louise Hazel x

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